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03:21pm 10/12/2008
Laura is wearing only a pleated skirt and a bra. she has a blouse laid out on the bed but has yet to slip into it. Before her is a suitcase half full. she has two garments on hangers in her hands. Turning to Lilly she asks. "Should I take the black stealth uniform or the black combat fatigues? The benefit of taking the uniform is that it can be worn under street clothes. but the fatigues have plenty of pockets for various weapons and equipment." She really has already decided what she will take but she is trying to be more 'girly' and apparently girls tend to debate a lot about clothing and have trouble deciding what to wear.
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Sparring partners.  
10:45pm 20/02/2008
Laura walks catlike silently down the hall. She is wearing a plain black training uniform as she was between costumes at the moment. Standing before the door to Carmilla's room, she reaches for the knob. Catching herself, she pulls her hand away and knocks instead.
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10:53pm 17/10/2007
They were cornered. The facility's alarm had been activated and the security systems had become active. They had made it through the hallway's automated machine guns by sheer luck. Laura had taken out the large security droid that they met around the corner but now 14... no 15... there's a little one in the back... Hydra agents in their green uniforms had them backed into a wall with automatic laser rifles trained on them. Laura looks furious and tense as she plants her feet wide, claws out and growls slightly.
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Halloween Party  
04:47pm 02/12/2006
Laura sits on her bed cross-legged with a text book in front of her she has been reading quietly for about a half an hour not speaking to Lilly on the other side of the room. Then she starts, "What should I wear for the Halloween party?"
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December 2008  

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